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Tanker rollover Jackson Avenue
V8 powered bike on a carrier
Lift call for overloaded van trailer
Winching out a stuck bus
Fishing F250 out of Huron River
Aftermath of an out of control vehicle in a parking lot
Heavy truck on a soft shoulder..
Assisting Scio Fire with extrication of an injured trucker
Recovering a Focus that went end-over into a creek bed.
Wrecker towing a wrecked motorcycle.
Carriers aren’t just for cars.
Garbage packer extracted from a swamp
Seperating two trailers from a heavy duty rear-ender
Aftermath of 2-truck accident. No injuries!
#4-96 brings in a trailer from a wreck on a snowy day.
Different packer, different swamp.
Wrecked quad stretch Excursion limo
Lift and reload backhoe that struck overpass.
Photo Gallery-All in a Day’s Work
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