If the police have ordered us to impound your vehicle, it is essentially in “car jail”.  In most cases, you may simply come in to our office with a valid license, proof of insurance and registration.  Once the fees are paid, your vehicle may be released.  In certain cases, you may have to pay unpaid tickets or speak with an investigator prior to getting permission to retrieve your vehicle.  Give our office a call for the details.
Police Impounds
(734) 761-5696
  We understand that not everybody carries collision coverage on their vehicle, or that an old car with a blown motor may not be worth much.  If this is your predicament, give our office a call.  We will provide you with some options for disposing of your vehicle and paying the tow bill.        
I don’t think my car is worth retrieving from your lot.  What can I do?
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The police had my vehicle impounded, how do I get it back?
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