I was parked illegally on private property and you have my car, what do I need to do?
Landlords and Managers, do you have a problem with illegally parked cars?  
Private Property Impounds
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Private Impounds are vehicles towed from private property at the request of the property owner, manager, or authorized representative.
If you have a problem with cars parking on your private property illegally, you may be interested in one of two options to remove the cars.  Signature impounding requires you to be present to sign an authorization form for the car to be removed.  If you have an ongoing problem, you may be interested in our patrol service, in which a tow operator periodically checks the vehicles on your property and removes them according to a pre-arranged authorization.  In either case, the vehicle owner is responsible for all towing and storage fees.  Call our office for more information on signage and other legal requirements.
If your vehicle was impounded from private property (authorized by property owner or agent instead of the police), you do not need to go to the police station or Sheriff’s office first.  You need to call our office to obtain the amount owed.  You should then bring a licensed driver down to our office, pay the fees, and retrieve the vehicle. Please note that all private impounds are released for cash only.