Light/Medium Duty Wrecker Most vehicles can be towed using wheel-lift equipment.  The car is lifted by its tires.  Wheel lift trucks can get into tighter spaces and parking structures with as little as 6’ 10” clearance.  All of our wreckers are equipped with tow dollies to safely move AWD vehicles. 
Carrier Carriers can be used to move all-wheel- drive cars, pickups and SUV’s, as well as a variety of equipment.  All of our carriers are equipped with wheel-lifts, they can haul two vehicles at once.
Heavy Duty Heavy duty towing requires heavy-duty wreckers; we have both 25-ton tandem and 50-ton tri-axle wreckers.  From freight vans to concrete trucks, motorhomes to tractor- trailers, we can handle your big-rig needs.  Our trucks have permits which allow a semi tractor and single trailer to be towed as a single unit for up to 25 miles.  
Triangle Towing can safely transport your cars, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, and other equipment.
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